Discover Brislington Brook

Hello all,

This is my final communication before I sign out and move on to new pastures. It has been a remarkable project to be involved with Ė thank you to everyone thatís made it the success is has been!

If you wish to hear about or get involved in events and activities to do with wildlife, heritage and the environment along the Brislington Brook, the Friends of Brislington Brook (FoBB) will be carrying on some of the good work started by the project. Email Simon Cawley to be added to the FoBB mailing list.

Please keep checking the website and the Facebook Page as they will still be updated regularly and will have the Oral Histories and the new teachers resource packs uploaded in the near future.

I have also attached the final evaluation report written for our funders, itís quite long but thereís lots of interest in there as well!

If you wish to contact me in the future my personal email address is Rowan and my mobile phone number remains the same. I will be looking for freelance work from September so if you hear of anything interesting or similar to this do let me know!

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Latest news!

Our final events are as follows

Community Costume Making: Sat 12th and Weds 23rd July 12-5pm at Eastwind's Scout Hut, St Anne's Terrace, Brislington, BS4 4DY

Bunting making with a glass of wine: Fri 11th July 7:30 Ė 9pm at Make and Do Emporiun, 83, Sandy Park Rd

AND most importantly:

St Anneís Day Pageant: Sat 26th July 12pm starting at the Pilgrim Inn pub on Hollywood Rd, Brislington walking to St Anneís Woods!

and St Anneís Day Festival: Sat 26th July 2-5pm in St Anneís Woods, Brislington with a grand opening by the Lord Mayor of Bristol

As you may already know Discover Brislington Brookís main funding runs out in August and I will be so sad to go! Itís been wonderful working with you and Iím sure I will be back in Brislington before too long!

Many thanks

Splish, Splash, Splosh


P.s for those of you who wish to remain in contact after August, my mobile number will remain the same and my personal email address is Rowan

St Anne's Well and the Heritage Lottery Fund grant

Discover Brislington Brook Celebrates £9,500 Heritage Lottery Fund Grant

A new project to discover the past that lies beneath our feet!

Discover Brislington Brook in partnership with the Brislington Community Archaeology Project have just been awarded funds for an exciting new project; St Anne's Well and Chapel, a Journey of People, Place, History and Myth,it was announced today. The grant of £9,500 has been awarded under the Heritage Lottery Fund's Sharing Heritage programme and is for local people to discover more about the archaeology, history and hearsay surrounding St Anne's Well and Chapel and the associated medieval pilgrimage in St Anne's, Brislington.

Sharing heritage is a new funding programme to help people across the UK explore, conserve and share all aspects of the history and character of their local area. Discover Brislington Brook has been working in the area for the last two years with schools and community groups helping people to re-discover the rich natural and cultural heritage that lies on their doorstep. The Brislington Archaeology Project (BCAP) aims to get people involved in hands-on archaeology and share their finds online with the community.

Steve Hallam, BCAP's Chair Person said "We are thrilled to receive this generous grant and can't wait to get on with the project. We are very lucky to live in Brislington because it has such a rich history. Most people don't know that it was an important site of pilgrimage in Medieval Britain, or that a Roman villa was discovered here. We even have a number of flint blades that we think date back to Neolithic times!"

Nerys Watts, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund South West, said: "SharingHeritage is a wonderful opportunity for communities to delve into their local heritage and we are delighted to be able to offer this grant so that the residents of Brislington can embark on a real journey of discovery. Heritage means such different things to different people, and HLF's funding offers a wealth of opportunities for groups to explore and celebrate what is important to them in their area."

The project will be kick-started with an exciting event for locals to identify artefacts they have found in their back gardens. Throughout September the people of Brislingtonare asked to bring inany object foundintheir back yards to an ID session with expert Kate Iles and Kurt Adams from Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. The garden archaeology finds session will be held at St Anne's Junior School, Langton Court Rd from 4-7pm on Wednesday 2nd October.

Kate Iles from the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery said "This is a fantastic opportunity for us to learn more about Brislington's history. Recording artefacts like fragments of pottery, clay pipes and old coinsfound in people's gardens can help us to build up a picture about the archaeology underneath. This joined with the other archaeological work planned could reveal some very exciting results."

Discover Brislingon Brook and BCAP are planning a number of archaeological surveys and visits this Autumn; if you are interested in getting involved please email

Rowan Mathiesson
Discover Brislington Brook Coordinator
Brislington Community Partnership
CREATE Centre, B-Bond, Smeaton Rd, Bristol, BS1 6XN
Tel: 0117 92(23407)
Mob: 07827306276
Web: www.discoverbrislingtonbrook

Four MA students (Archaeology for Screen Media) from Bristol University have created a short film about this stretch of Brislington Brook - including St Anne's Well. This forms part of the Discover Brislington Brook project, and features contributions by two BCAP members. The film is only three minutes long so there's no excuse for not watching!

Take a moment to enjoy a dip in the timeless countryside that flows through our modern suburban landscape. This film was produced by Margaret Eno, Steph Le Feuvre, Laura O'Neill and Jack Reid.


Discover Brislington Brook - The Pilgrim's Way

This Is Bristol report of the Pilgrimage!

For not-so-great news about the brook, see the BBC report here...


Archived Discover Brislington Brook newsletters can be found here.

The Brislington Community Partnership has received 3 years funding from the Heritage Lottery and Bristol City Council for an exciting new community project, Discover Brislington Brook, which aims to bring the river to life and enable the people to discover its history and wildlife through fun activities, walks, talks and events.

Wedged unassumingly between densely crowded streets, the Brislington Brook corridor is a lush, green, wooded valley, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It feels like a lost and forgotten land, often unknown and brimming with discoveries to be made.

The river runs through Whitchurch, Stockwood, Brislington and St Annes, connecting these communities and acting as an invaluable wildlife corridor. As well as its great environmental value the brook has a fascinating history, the remains of which are evident everywhere; ranging from St Anne's Holy Well, a 13th century pilgrimage site, to the remnants of a Victorian pleasure garden.

There'll be plenty of opportunities to get involved, from river clear-ups to, wildlife walks to a performance recreating the Pilgrim's Way.

Contact Details
If you're interested and want to find out more or volunteer, get in touch with the new project coordinator Rowan Matthiessen on 07737344318 or Rowan.
She will be based at the CREATE Centre, Smeaton Road and will be out on site in the Brislington/Stockwood areas.

Have a look at the blog:
Discover Brislington Brook.

Map (.pdf - takes a few moments to load)

Project Plan and Activities

Also of interest might be the Bristol Rivers website.