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Photographs of some of the work done recently - follow the links.

The Railway

Clearing the Stream

The Tree

Other Repairs

The Valley

This year we have installed two benches and one picnic table with a bench; every time I'm down in the Valley I'm pleased to see people using the picnic bench. The two benches are set away in two quieter sections of the wood; they don't get as much use, but offer quiet places to sit and relax. I hope everyone likes the steps and benches in the Valley - both seem to be holding up well.

The BTCV have done a major refurbishment of the steps coming down from Wicklea, and have also put in new steps on the well-used path by the storm drain. Both sets of steps are holding up well, as are the repairs they made to the path on the other side of the wood.

We have been keeping an eye on the trees we planted down by the storm drain and will continue to cut back the weeds from around them from time to time.

Also this year we have built a stone wall inside the old London Plane Tree, which seems to have stopped it being subjected to regular arson attacks. Let's hope it stays that way!

We have also cleared large amounts of rubbish from the stream on two occasions, including the usual (Tesco) shopping trolleys.

We are currently trying to get something done about the fence along the farmland, and gravel to repair the path has been promised for the New Year.

For further information, ring Andy Grant on 0117 9850 366 - before 8.30 p.m. please!