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Brislington in the Golden Age of Postcards

Focusing on Brislington & St Anne's, Bristol, author and local historian Ken Taylor aims to produce a book and/or construct an online gallery to catalogue the topographical postcards from a century ago.

He has already identified hundreds of photographs of scenes, many including people, animals, and all aspects of daily life on the streets, gardens and fields of Brislington. How many more remain to be catalogued is not easy to calculate, but there's no doubt that without the support of local people, and postcard enthusiasts specialising in collections that include scenes of Brislington, it will never be known.

With support though, it will be possible to produce an unrivalled picture gallery of old Brislington, and also to

     establish a chronology based on postmarks etc
     list publisher's variants
     provide an indication of scarcity
     provide biographical notes on local postcard publishers.

If you have any old postcards of Brislington (including the neighbourhood of St Anne's), please contact Ken through this website. Rare or common, every card counts in this big-data survey.

The attraction of Brislington

A hundred years ago Brislington was a rural retreat on the end of an inexpensive tram service from the city, and much of it still resided in its historic home-county of Somerset. The village offered day-trippers the chance of romantic country walks, an opportunity to see grand old estate houses, and the many pubs invited people to relax and sample their food and refreshments - more than a few are still plying that trade.

Brislington was particularly favoured by the postcard-buying public, and dozens of publishers competed for their custom. Brislington still has areas of natural beauty such as Nightingale Valley and the wooded valley with its venerated St Anne's Well, many fine old buildings survive, and it also has all the amenities of modern life.

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Book publishers prefer previously unpublished pictures, so most are temporarily withheld while negotiations are on-going.

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